Nina Friedberg


Nina is currently a senior at the Spence School in Manhattan who studies both Latin and Greek and loves learning about ancient civilizations and antiquities. As founder of NSCS, Nina hoped to create a student-led national classics society where high school students could come together on Zoom to discuss Latin and Greek literature and play Certamen.


Mira Bansal


Mira is currently a junior at Horace Mann where she has been studying Latin for six years and has started Ancient Greek this year. She is excited to expand her knowledge on Latin and Ancient Greek and to continue learning about Ancient Roman and Greek history.


Lucas Heidbreder


Lucas Heidbreder is a sophomore student at Scarsdale High school. Lucas is the recipient of two consecutive gold medals in the National Latin Exam. He enjoys matching and restructuring of Latin sentences, rarely gets tricked by the word order and just in general enjoys Latin grammar. He finds reading classical poetry, epics, philosophies, comedies and histories incredibly interesting because it’s how we explore history and ancient civilizations. Besides taking Latin in school, in his free time he has deepened his knowledge of the language and culture. 


Taryn Boonpongmanee

Vice President and Director of the Northeast Region

Taryn is a junior at Deerfield Academy where she studies Latin and Greek. She loves teaching kids about the ancient world and connecting with other students to create a vibrant Classics community.


Milana Carse

Vice President and Director of Midwest Region

Milana is a student in Barrington, Illinois.. She is a Classics enthusiast who has been deeply involved in Classics and Ancient History for many years. She is a leader of her local Certamen team and tutors students in Latin.


William Ma

Vice President and Director of International Regions

I am a junior at Oundle School in Northamptonshire, England. Roman coins, pins, skeletons, cups and fragments of pottery were discovered here throughout the years and it has been suggested that there may have been a Roman Villa here. I have been very fortunate to be living and studying in this inspiring historical environment. For humanities subjects, I am reading Classical Civilization and Latin. I am currently teaching Latin to my local primary school on a weekly basis, and I am thrilled to be utilizing the Aequora program to educate and inspire the young minds in the classroom.


Jaya Shah

Vice President and Secretary

Jaya is a sophomore at Riverdale Country School, where she has studied Latin for 2 years. She is excited to connect with fellow students who share her passion for ancient literature, as well as expand her knowledge about Greek and Roman culture.

Nickole Munoz

Director of Outreach

Nickole is currently a sophomore at the Hewitt School in Manhattan, she has studied Latin for 5 years, and she participated in the Calder Classics trip to Rome during Spring 2023. She has an interest in connecting ancient literature with art and looks forward to connecting to a larger Classics community.